Nashville Multifamily
Nashville, TN

HGI acquired a four-property multifamily portfolio comprising 1,593 units located in Nashville, Tennessee in August 2012 for $130.5 million.

HGI quickly completed minor interior and exterior upgrades to the portfolio that increased occupancy, rent and property value.

In September 2016, HGI completed the sale of the Nashville portfolio for a total of $176,000,000.

“The Nashville portfolio performed at a level exceeding our projections, maintaining high occupancies and sustained rent growth,” said Richard Litton, President of Harbor Group International, “This portfolio again demonstrated HGI’s ability to buy property portfolios “wholesale” and then sell individual assets over time as a property achieved its business plan.”

About HGI

Harbor Group International (HGI) is a leading global real estate investment and management firm. With $12.5 billion in real estate investment properties, the firm invests in and manages diversified property portfolios including office, retail, and multifamily properties. With over 35 years of experience in the industry and over 750 employees worldwide, HGI continues to look for real estate investment opportunities.

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Harbor Group International controls $12.5 billion in real estate investment properties and is constantly exploring real estate investment opportunities in the worldwide market.